Company Profile

In 1992 the lily breeding activities of World Flower BV and World Bulbs BVBA were merged into one company called World Breeding BV. 
Many varieties have conquered a place in the market such as Corleone, Crystal Blanca, Royal Sunset, Yelloween and White Heaven.

World Breeding BV sees it as a challange, besides crossing within the lily groups, to combine parents from the different lily groups.
Those products are new in form and color. Special attention requires the search for disease resistance.

Before a potential variety is selected, it is extensively tested. The first years on our own company. The observations include growth, cultivation and flowering characteristics as well as the vase-life and long term ice storage. During this process many selections fall off. The following years the selected varieties are tested at home and abroad.
When the variety meets our criteria it will be placed in the market.